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Jamub Group is a conglomerate of different companies duly registered in line with relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the attribute of which makes us a non-cyclical organisation. Established to deliver solutions in the various areas of our business interests, our delivery model spans Business to Business (B2B), Business to Government (B2G) and Business to Consumer (B2C) in the economic value chain with a range of products and services which cut across the industries.

Through the utilisation of the best hands and technology, we have steadfastly built a reputation for handing over value and excellence to all our stakeholders in both products and services. We are committed to leaving lasting impressions and building long-term relationships with our teeming customers, while striving to stay ahead of the competition.

Our operational policy, pivoted on industry best practices and driven by a “project culture”, emphasises on continuous improvement and delivery of quality products and services. We deliver without compromise to global standard. Hence our corporate motto: “Think Jamub, think solutions!” At Jamub Group, our corporate culture is built on Power, Grace, and Speed as depicted by the cheetah, being our adopted logo.

Think Jamub Think solution...

Our businesses span various industries with the aim of meeting needs and providing solutions to our everyday challenges. The group is a major driver and player in the non-cyclical sector of the economy, as such, the various subsidiaries of the group are established as solution providers to meet needs as they arise.

  • 01 Our Vision

    To become a key global player in product and service delivery.

  • To provide superlative services and products at levels meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations through strategic differentiation, innovation and value creation; employing professionalism and cutting-edge technology.

  • Optimism: We walk through the walls of impossibilities to deliver on projects.

    Creativity: We turn imaginative ideas into realities, in view of providing global solutions.

    Responsibility: We are sensitive about the interest of all our stakeholders and are obliged to protect it always with unquestionable integrity.

    Excellence: We provide top-notch services and products by utilizing the best resources and process.

    Teamwork: We work as a team towards achieving more and better results.


Our History

Jamub Group’s existence is consequent upon the expansion of our pioneer subsidiary (Jamub Global Services Limited) which was originally registered in Nigeria in August 2007 to provide a diversity of products and services. The company, upon incorporation, soon began living true to its name, successfully executing various contracts in different sectors. Notably, its first ever job was the rehabilitation of 2 blocks of 30 flats at Akim Barracks, Calabar in 2008/supply of furniture to the National Space Research and Development Agency in 2008.

The eventual increase in the number of companies established after the incorporation of Jamub Global Services brought with it the need to manage all of them under one corporate entity. By 2018 therefore, efforts towards the incorporation of Jamub Group of Companies commenced and the birth of the Group materialised with issuance of Certificate of Incorporation by the Corporate Affairs Commission on 12 October, 2020.

Our Team

Jamub Group today is managed by a sound and experienced management team who are working tirelessly to actualise the strategic plans and vision of the organisation. The Group’s focus is to build, consolidate and expand its subsidiaries with a view to making them emerge as world-class entities to be reckoned with in no distant future. The race is on!

Our Services

We are players in various economic sectors and have a unique range of products and services carefully packaged to deliver solution to our esteemed customers and clients. Our business therefore cuts across various industries including:

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Jamub Group participates in the agriculture subsector of the economy as a major player in the industry. The group has particular interest in the through the line of the agro-value chain. The group takes advantage of the comparative advantage of the vast fertile land in the country to explore the huge opportunities available in the agriculture subsector of the economy.

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It is not a cliché to continue to stress the saying that a healthy people makes a wealthy nation. Jamub Group believes in this saying and as such, takes action to ensuring that the saying doesn’t only exists at the level of abstraction. This is the reason why we play big in the health sector as manufacturers.
It is on the record that Jamub Group was one of the first indigenous companies that manufactured auto disinfectant machine during the COVID-19 Virus epidemic.

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This is one of the engineering subsidiaries in the group. Jamub Energy is one of the leading energy companies in Nigeria which was incorporated on 28th February, 2012 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act to provide general energy solutions. As operators in the oil and gas industry, we supply high quality oil and gas products as well as deliver a range of expert services including Environmental Impact Assessment, robotic tank and vessel cleaning...

We stand strong

We are a group of companies that delivers solutions, and thus we go the extra miles to deliver on every project as we aspire to have a reputation for delivering excellence to our teeming clientele.


Jamub Group has project executions that could be found in all the six geopolitical zones of the country. The projects span various industries, including constructions, energy, agricultural, pharmaceutical.

Ongoing Road Construction


Pundit Agro Cassava Planting


Ongoing Construction


John-Paul Pharmaceutical Plant


Pundit Agro Garri Ijebu


Bridge Construction


John-Paul Pharmaceutical Plant


John-Paul Pharmaceutical


Pundit Agro Starch Procssing


Oil and gas refinary

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas refinary

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas refinary

Oil & Gas

News & Events

We present to you a panoramic views of event and activities form the group. The group's blog brings you day to day updates about the various programmes that unfolds in the organisation.


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